2020 top trends


Drawing on input from C-suite executives and HR leaders, our latest study reveals how organizations are transforming their workforce and workplace. Employees in 30+ countries also shared what helps them thrive in uncertain times. Together, these 7,300+ voices highlight four key trends that will enable companies to navigate the challenges of 2020 and beyond.

Work together to ensure people thrive

Transform the workforce

See ahead by augmenting AI with human intuition

Inspire and invigorate people


Our collective future


We enter the new decade with a more expansive view of an organization’s purpose and contribution to society. Leaders have a clear mandate to invest in reskilling and well-being. As they continue to innovate, disrupt and redesign, it is clear that existing approaches to workforce management are no longer sustainable. What does it take to get it right? How do leading organizations continue to build an engaged, thriving and resilient workforce? 

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