Due to the impact of Covid-19 on employees, the role of HR was propelled to the forefront to help companies navigate the triple threat crisis. The outbreak highlighted gaps and inequalities across economic policies, affordable quality healthcare and digital transformation.  In light of the situation, companies across various industries focused on employee health, safety and wellbeing, flexible working arrangements and skilling of employees.


Will companies in Africa build on these critical strategies and actions that have redefined the world of work in 2020? What will HR leaders consider as they reinvent their businesses for growth with confidence?

Improve flexible working

A thought out, well-designed strategy will ensure inclusive flexibility and deliver long-term value and competitive advantage for your organisation.

Compensation and benefits

A competitive rewards strategy will deliver a fair and performance-driven pay and benefits informed by the market and designed to support career development.

Skills are the new currency

When planning for an agile workforce companies should prioritise their approach to ensure that employees are skilled for the new shape of work.

Cultivate a healthier workforce

With affordable, accessible and high quality healthcare, companies can support employees in their wellbeing journey.

Over three-quarters of companies in Africa are considering implementing flexible working at a greater scale than prior to the pandemic. Use our free assessment tool to find out if you are ready to adopt flexible working in your organization.

78% of organizations are facing disruption and C-suite executives believe that investing in future learning and workforce reskilling will deliver the biggest return on investment. Take the assessment to determine the maturity of skills structures within your company.

Recent research shows that 64% of companies in Africa anticipate significant change in their Health & Benefits strategy as a response to COVID-19 outbreak. Use our online checklist to uncover gaps in your employee wellbeing offering.

Resetting the future of work agenda

In collaboration with the World Economic Forum (WEF), more than 80 chief human resources officers (CHROs) at leading global employers share critical insights and lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic response, including workforce-related best practices. 

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