Mercer European Asset Allocation Survey 2018

Mercer European Asset Allocation Survey 2018 | Mercer Webcast

Mercer European Asset Allocation Survey 2018

Recorded: 20 June 2018

  • Overview
    • 2017 was a year of global economic and market growth and exceptionally low volatility in markets. Following a more volatile start to 2018, investors see signs to be positive about, including a normalisation of monetary policy in some territories, low inflation and strong earnings. There is, however, an increasing concern that disruptive events such as Brexit and the Trump tariffs, together with high valuations in markets, could pose a challenge to returns going forward. 

      Mercer’s annual European Asset Allocation Survey looks at how institutional investors across Europe are responding to this changing landscape and investing their assets in a time of rising volatility and inflated asset prices. 

  • Why attend
    • In our webinar, Phil Edwards, Mercer’s global director of strategic research, and Matt Scott, strategic research consultant, will take you through the main findings of Mercer’s 2018 European Asset Allocation Survey, speak about the major trends in institutional investing and summarise the wider implications.
  • Who should attend
    • Institutional investors, pensions managers, trustees, CIOs, FDs

  • Speakers
    • Phil Edwards - Mercer UK
      Matt Scott - Mercer UK