Global Gender Research Findings - When Women Thrive, Businesses Thrive

  • RECORDED: 09 December 2014


  • Overview

    In 2014, Mercer conducted research with employers worldwide to help organizations move the needle on gender diversity in the workplace. 164 companies in 28 countries with 1.7M employees (680k female employees) participated in the survey.

    This groundbreaking research, conducted in collaboration with the EDGE Certified Foundation, is unique in that we have identified concrete steps organizations can take to accelerate progress toward their gender-diversity talent goals – by broadening the conventional understanding of opportunities to support female talent across their lifecycle and by linking practices to evidence and results. 

  • Why attend

    Standalone programs and siloed initiatives are not advancing gender diversity, but statistical analysis of the data provided by respondents in our survey reveals 5 key drivers of gender-diversity impact and an actionable approach for enhancing gender diversity in organizations today. Join the experts who performed our research to unpack the findings and their implications for your talent strategy.

  • Who should attend

    Chief HR, People, Diversity, Inclusion and Workfroce Planning Leaders

  • Speakers

    Pat Milligan, North America Regional President and Global Executive Sponsor for Women@Mercer

    Cindy Gentry, Senior Partner and Client Manager, Mercer

    Brian Levine, PhD and Partner, Workforce Sciences Institute, Mercer

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  • Title: Global Gender Research Findings - When Women Thrive, Businesses Thrive

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