Cashflow-Driven Investments | Mercer

Cashflow-Driven Investments | Mercer 2018

Cashflow-Driven Investments

Recorded: 05 July 2018

  • Key message:
    • With over half of UK defined benefit plans already cashflow negative, and that number expected to increase to more than 80% within the next decade, the approach to sourcing cash to pay members’ benefits is becoming more important. One of the benefits of cashflow-driven investments (CDI) is that it is designed to generate cash to help meet benefit outgo, but it is also a low risk solution whereby the scheme invests more like an insurer. It may be more affordable than you think, especially given recent improved funding positions.

  • Why attend:
    • Having implemented CDI strategies for three years now, join the webinar to hear Mercer experts discuss:

      • An overview of CDI, why you should consider such a strategy and when to do so
      • How to implement a successful CDI strategy 
      • The potential pitfalls and how to manage these
      • How CDI works in practice including monitoring the key metrics and responding to changes
      • How CDI keeps your options open
      • Case studies

      There will be an opportunity for Q&A with the Mercer team.

  • Who should attend?
    • There will be an opportunity for Q&A with the Mercer team.

      Institutional investors, trustees, pensions managers

  • Speakers
    • Ben Gunnee

      Adam Taylor

      Nathan Baker